Mr Singer Would Be Amazed How Far the Embroidery Sewing Machine Has Evolved

What a long way sewing machines have come since the days of Isaac Singer. Now they are nearly ‘all singing all dancing’. They can nearly do the job for you they have so many functions.

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With the development of sewing machines that can also embroider they open up such a wealth of opportunity for anyone to work from home. You can either make wonderful things for your friends and family or you can develop your own little cottage industry.

Think of all the little things you could sell. You could approach your local baby shop and offer to embroider names on bibs, babies towels, pillows etc. You could personalize little shirts and dungarees.

You could always make things to sell at car boot sales. You could produce dog blankets to order with the name of the pooch. I cannot think of many pet owners who would pass that deal by.

Or – you could make items to sell on the Internet if you are really ambitious, and why not?

I find it hard to believe just how much can be done with some of these machines, they are amazing. I cannot help but applaud anyone who uses these machines because they appear to be so complex that you feel you might need a degree in either engineering or technology but it seems that they are not so hard to learn, you get adequate instructions, very often in video form. This is great because they always say that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

The wonderful thing about the computerized embroidery functions is that you will never ever be short of a design. It is possible to have add-ons to the machine that enable you to download designs from the Internet.

They don’t just have to be from the manufacturers website, you can download clipart, photographs, just about anything that takes your fancy and the software will change the picture into a design that your machine can read and produce as embroidery. How clever is that??

You don’t have to just embroider patches to sew on to things like quilts or Tshirts, the machine manufacturers have made it possible to embroider on pockets, and other difficult places right on the machine so no sewing on of patches.

Some of the machines even thread themselves automatically. That is really good news for people who have difficulty seeing the eye of the needle. That actually includes me.

The majority of these machines are just mind blowing, they give you so many possibilities, even if you are just making things for your own pleasure you are still going to get such a kick out of producing professional looking results every time.


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